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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Capricorn, Apr 26, 2004.

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    My neighbour asked me to look at her computer, which she has had for a year. It has XP home installed on it. On checking for updates, I found that it needed 41 Critical Updates. These included SP1, which had to be downloaded first, before the others could be downloaded.

    She only has a dial up connection, but I downloaded the Express Version of the Service Pack, but it wouldn't install. I tried several more times, and the download was instant, as it was still on the computer, but it wouldn't install.

    I think I will try deleting the download, and start again, but I am not sure where it will be stored. Any ideas?

    Failing that, I will download the full SP, using my Broadband connection, and try installing that, after saving it to disc. From what I can see the SP is the same for either Home or Pro versions, is that right?

    She is also getting an error message as she tries to close Outlook Express. It only says 'OX77F5215a referenced memory OXOOF43B4' After which it comes up with, Close MSIMN.exe, which only refers to closing Outlook Express I think. I cannot find anything referring to this, Any one seen it before?

    Home was installed on the computer when she bought it, and doesn't come with a full XP installation disc, I am a bit concerned about trying the Repair Option with disc she has, in case it causes further trouble for her. Once I get her up and running properly again, I'll see that she gets Automatic Updates in future.
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    Yes, just download the the full SP1, it is the same for both home and pro.