XP Home Startup/Standby problems

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Sauzan, Jan 16, 2002.

  1. Sauzan

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    Presently using XP Home.

    These problems happened only just yesterday.

    The standby mode now sometimes fail to work properly. Sometimes, the power comes back, other times, the computer just restarts when I tried to reactivate it, and sometimes I see the dreaded blue screen which I though I left behind in Windows98 sometime ago. The trouble is that the screen is too fast for me to see what is the message, so I cant really pinpoint anything. Is there a way to slow the message down?
    Note : the standby mode works fine just 2 days ago......

    Also, each time I restart the computer, the system would say that it has recovered from a serious error and ask me to send a report to Microsoft. Well, this thing happens EVERY time XP just starts, and it is getting into my nerve, as they did not say excatly what serious error and if they dont, how on earth can I try debugging the system?

    Anyone here can help?

    Last of all, I would like to ask if I can reinstall XP Home again. I wont be changing any hardware so can I just read the product key from somewhere and activate it manually? Dont really feel like activating over the net anymore, if the worst happens and I cannot solve the above problems.

    Thank you in advance.

    NB : I've downloaded everything I can from Win Update
  2. Qumahlin

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    Yes, you cna re-install no problems

    as for slowing down the screen you need to goto start, control panel, syste, startup and recover..look for the box labeled automatically restart and make sure it is NOT checked, that way you can see the error and we can help troubleshoot it :)

    if it's a resume problem it might be a driver not coming back on properly like vid board or such and the blue screen should tell us :)
  3. Sauzan

    Sauzan Guest

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    The problem with the standby turns out to be the nvidia denoter driver. I rolled back to the windows default driver and the standby works fine now.

    The only problem now is with the recovery from serious error message. Tried to start XP in safe mode, the message does not appear, but when I start XP in normal mode again, the message appeared twice. If I start XP in safe mode twice before starting it in normal mode, the message appears 3 times. I'm starting to think its some sort of virus(but nothing registered on Trend AntiVirus or Norton) or a bug..

    Also, are there any nvidia drivers that are known to have no problems with XP? Using a nvidia GF2 Ti 64mb ddr.