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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dick Johnson, Jun 29, 2002.

  1. Dick Johnson

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    Please help. My son in Raliegh, NC just bought a new Dell with "XP Home" installed. He can't get Office 2000 Professional to install at all. Is there a problem between XP Home and Office 2000 Professional? Or is he doing something wrong and I need to get more details and help him. I live in California, so seeing his problem is difficult!
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    Amstelveen, The Netherlands
    There should be no problem with office 2000 installing on Xp Home. So I think there is something else thta's stopping the install. It would help if you can say what error you get.
  3. Iceman

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    Yes, agree with sboulema, need the error to know what to look for.

    Let us know :cool:
  4. Dick Johnson

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    Office 2000

    I called my son-isn't home this weekend. I will get his error message Monday; or I sent him this forum link, I'll tell him to sign up with this forum and maybe you guys can help him directly? This IS the best help forum for XP that I've ever found! Thanks very much!
  5. Iceman

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    your welcome, yes by all means have him sign up.

    Always looking to help people out :cool:
  6. Dick Johnson

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    Office 2000 in XP

    I just received an email from my son and hope I can attach to this thread, which explains why he can't get Office 2000 to install in XP:Hey there!

    I checked out the XP-erience.org website, registered, but could not post a question (or is it called a 'thread'?). The error I receive is as follows:

    About half-way through the install process, I get a message to install the Windows XP CD, of which I do NOT have. It does not allow me to browse the hard-drive for necessary files. Once this pop-up is cancelled, I get the message:

    "Error 1933. The Windows Installer Service cannot update one or more protected Windows files."

    At that point, the Office 2000 Install removes itself.

    Perhaps you can post that on the forum since I don't seem to be able to- maybe my password does not activate immediately.

    Please let me know if you hear anything from the forum.


    I hope somebody can help him----thanks very much. Dick Johnson
  7. Iceman

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    he needs to respond to the email in the email address he gave when he signed up, he won't be able to post until he does.

    as far as he's problem give me a minute or two.

  8. Iceman

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    Found this on the web, not my words, but it should fix the error.

    While running setup for Office 2000, you may see a message, "Please
    insert the Windows XP Professional CD into your CD-ROM drive," followed
    by "Windows file must be installed for your installation to proceed.
    Insert your Windows XP CD now." There is not an option to browse for the
    needed file(s).


    This occurs because the Windows XP registry is forcing the installation
    program to search an incorrect path for the needed files. It may affect
    other Microsoft software other than Office 2000.


    Edit the registry in the following manner.
    1. Click on Start > Run > regedit. This will launch the registry editor.
    2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr
    3. Under CurrentVersion, click on the Setup folder. On the right side of
    the screen, click on the Source Path key. Edit the value data to C:\.
    4. Next, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT
    5. Under Windows NT, click on the CurrentVersion folder. Again, click on
    the Source path key and edit the value data to C:\.
    6. Close the registry editor and restart the computer. After doing so,
    start the installation again.

    Before he does this, I highly recommend he backs up the registry first.

    I also found this Microsoft Knowledge Base article

    good luck

  9. Dick Johnson

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    Office 2000 in XP

    Iceman 38: Thank you very much for helping Al. I forgot that new machines you buy with XP installed don't come with an XP CD.

    AL: One more suggestion; close everything in your taskbar except the clock when loading any major program. When your done and reboot, everything will come back. I tried installing Powerquest's "Drive Image 2002" three times with errors until dummy here shut everything off including AVG & ZoneAlarm.
  10. Iceman

    Iceman Moderator

    Your welcome Dick Johnson, keep us informed on his progress, still willing to help as much as possible.

    Is he still don't able to post? Keep us informed on that as well.

  11. asiffer

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    Office 2000 Install on XP Home

    While installing Office 2000 Professional, I get a message asking for me to insert the XP Home CD. My machine came w/XP pre-loaded, without a CD. There is no way to bypass this prompt, and once I hit "cancel", I get the following error:
    "Error 1933. The Windows Installer Service cannot update one or more protected Windows files."

    At that point, Office 2000 Pro de-installs itself.

    Any ideas?

    Al Siffer
  12. Iceman

    Iceman Moderator

    My post above didn't fix it?

  13. is it an older version or sr-1? ive loaded many an Xp computer w/ office 2k using sr-1 or later in all 3 flavors (small business, standard and pro) and never seen that message

  14. Re: Office 2000

    Creeping gets you everywhere Dick, nice one
  15. Dick Johnson

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    Office 2000 in XP

    Iceman38: Thanks your fix worked PERFECTLY! I had to call my son on the phone for an answer. Seems he has work to do at work and couldn't find spare time to answer forum. He knows I have plenty of time being retarded/retired?
    Many thanks for the help! Dick Johnson