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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by glad1ator, Dec 4, 2001.

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    Hi all
    i have windows xp home ed and when i press my standby button the pc hangs for ages and doesnt go into standby i have gone into the power managment tab and everything says never is this rigth or am i doing somthing wrong do i need to set any thing in xp im totaly confused as im a real newbie at all this
    thanks for any help
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    Try updating your motherboard's BIOS. That could solve some power down/standby problems.
  3. MdSalih

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    set BIOS/CMOS up properly and if u know anything about the jumpers in there some MB's need a jumper closed for the computer to go on to standby

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    XP Standby.

    I had this problem, and discovered that if I unchecked "enable hibernation" in Power Options then Standby was enabled. Hope it helps.
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    Also keep in mind some computers just will not go into standby mode or come out of standby..regardless...Of bios setup.