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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by wyse_tech2000, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. Hey all: Having a big problem. I have 2 drives with XP sp1
    installed. My primary drive boots up and works correctly
    but my slave drive boots very slowly and when my desk
    top loads everything freezes. I cannot open the start
    I have virus scanned ,done a system restore ,and
    repaired XP from the CD. I have uninstalled all the soft
    ware that loads at boot and installed new video drivers.
    Also have done a checkdisc.

    Need Help!!

    P4 2.4ghtz Intel
    Gigabyte Titan 845pe MB
    512m of Ram
    Nvidia Geforce440mmx Video
    2xSamsung 80G drives
    SB Audigy sound
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    What happens if you try in safe mode?
  3. jw50

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    One of your hard drives could be going bad and XP is hanging up when it is trying to read the drive. You can try the Samsung website to see if they have a diagnostic program for their hard drives or you could disconnect your secondary drive and see if the problem goes away.
  4. Tiesto

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    Sounds like that slave drive is failing, swap it out and test it on another box to be certain.
  5. Boots OK in safe mode and everything seems to work fine.
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    1). It's having problems finding soemthing in the window drivers.

    2). You are RAM limited (unlikely with 512) for what you are trying to load and the RAM cache used when booting from the slave drive is missing or badly fragmented.

    3). The slave is just plain very badly (3-5%) fragmented.
  7. Hey All: Thanx to everyone who replied to my post. I have the
    problem about 90% cured.
    Turns out that my registry for that drive was extremely
    jamed up with invalid keys etc. I have no idea how it
    happened but by running a program called RegscrubXP
    in safe mode I was able to remove 630 invalid entries.
    Another scan after I was able to boot into my desktop
    revealed another 300 some odd invalid entries.
    The drive is working about 90% of what it was before
    and am going to defrag to see if it helps more.

    Thanx again Bill....(Wyse)