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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ste_w, Aug 3, 2004.

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    Hi all

    I Came home today to find my Computer to be on a blue Screen, n i didnt really read it so i just restarted my computer then the bios said "Detecting IDE Drives" i waited for abit, but nothing happend, i turned the power totally off and put it back on, worked fine, but now at random my computer just Freezes, no blue screen or anything just Freezes? n i gota do the whole thing again.

    How can i found out wat that blue screen was?

    Also theres abit of a storm goin on where i am at the mo, thunder n stuff, so could it b my serge protector just taken the power off when the power fluctuates?

    Pls Help


  2. Beginning

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    Hmm.... Sounds kinda like maybe the storm gave your HD a jolt.. I'm sorry I can't help you more but to me it sounds kinda like you may have a hooped HD.... Don't quote me on that though, get another opinion.. :(
  3. ste_w

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    lol well if it is, can i install Xp on my Second HD n do a dual boot till the main goes or something?

    But i hope the main hasnt gone lol
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    As long as you have no files you want to keep on the 2nd drive it shouldn't be a problem.
  5. dreamliner77

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    run the manufacturers diagnostic tools on the hd.

    I dunno, kinda sounds to me like you might be overheating.
  6. Hi all,

    I'm a long time reader of OSNN and it's forums but i've just registered.
    Hopefully I can assist with some techinical matters :cool:

    I agree with dreamliner77, this sounds like an overheating issue. It has been unpleasantly hot & sticky tha last couple of days and this is not generally good for PCs.
    AMD CPUs are generally more succeptable to heat than Intel CPUs anyway (partly due to the higher voltage they use) and keeping them cool can prove to be rather tricky on hot days.
    Make sure you have adaquate cooling not only in the case itself but also in the room it's in. Also make sure that there is some space around the PC case itself as restricted airflow will result in all the hot expelled air being sucked back into the case :eek: (if the air in the room is too hot then you will have this problem anyway).

    As dreamliner77 said, you should have a utility on the motherboard CD which monitors the temperature. Have a look and tell us what you're getting while idle and under load.

    If you dont think that this is the problem, check the system and application event logs in the computer management console (right-click on My Computer and select "manage"), post any weird entries here and I'll take a look.

    Hope this helps

    The Stork