XP firewall anygood?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Red Arrow, Dec 14, 2001.

  1. Red Arrow

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    hmm, 1st post here, cool :D

    Anyway I was just wondering if the XP built-in firewall does its job? Or would I be best sticking to Zone Alarm?

    Note that I am using a 56k so I get a new IP everytime I connect plus I am only online for 2 hours at a time before I have to reconect. So the chances of being "inaveded" is low, I think.
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    If you are just using dial-up and don't leave your machine connected for long periods of time, I don't think you have much to worry about in terms of being invaded, especially with a dynamic IP.

    One thing you may want a firewall for, though, is to make sure programs aren't running in the background and sending information out without you knowing. A good example of this is if you go to deviantart.com (great site :) ), they have a little box that pops up and being lazy, I didn't bother to read it and just clicked "I agree." Later that day I keep getting dialogs from my firewall (I use Tiny Personal Firewall www.tinysoftware.com) asking for outgoing permissions. I ended up actually reading what it was that I allowed to be installed, but I don't remember exactly what it was (redswoosh.exe I think) or what it was doing, but I know I didn't want it!

    I haven't even tried the built-in firewall in XP, so I couldn't tell you if it does that.
  3. UniSol

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    Best sticking with NeoWatch from NEOWORX.COM (recently merged into McAfee) - Very good (best one I have tried (and that is out of many))

    Download the full version from here

    Install, Reboot, Set Security to "Tight"

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    Thx guys.

    btw does NeoWatch intergrate itself into McAfee Virus Scan 6.1? Just I have that and it has a small section about firewalls installed in the program or something.