xp bootloader **** it up

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by raztaman, Mar 24, 2002.

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    hello everybody

    i did something really stupid. i'll give you the full story

    yesterday i started with reinstalling my pc , xp off course :)

    then today i had an idea. why not making a ghost
    so i made a ghost of my drive d were xp is on but if forget that the drive were i was putting it on is drive c.

    so most of the people who are reading this will be rolling over the floor :)
    cause i have overwritten my bootloader. pretty stupid huh

    but at the moment i can start pc with bootdiskette in xp
    with those three files on it boot.ini ntdetect.com ntldr

    know i want to restor my bootloader i have already formatted c again

    and started to try the recovery console
    i could already add my xp in the boot ini , but how can i get my bootloader back to what it was
    i just want my pc to start up in xp without having to put a diskete like i am doing right now

    hope somebody can help me

    thnx and hope to have this shitty problem fixed as soon as possible

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    thnx but i found a solution

    i have started an xp install on an other partition, then canncelled it.

    started up with my boot diskette , modified my boot ini

    and it worked again

    because when i started the new installation windows had rewritten my bootloader.
    then i just modified the boot.ini to my other partition and then removed the temporary files of the new install wich i did not needed.