XP boot disk???

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by X1Lightning, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. X1Lightning

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    can you make a boot disk in XP? or do you have to use a 98 boot disk? :confused:
  2. Shamus MacNoob

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    yes you can make boot disc's you need 6 floppies for the set and the set up file is on microsofts site make sure you get the right one there are 2 sets one for PRO and one for HOME

    WinXP_EN_PRO_BF.EXE is the name of the PRO set
  3. X1Lightning

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    6 disks?? wow thats alot... that would take 10 years to boot... :rolleyes:
    i dont understand why they left out the option to make a boot disk in windows?

    thanks for the quick reply !!!
  4. ssj4conejo

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    Why dont you make a boot cd
    with your windows xp in it.
  5. X1Lightning

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    thats a good idea.. i was just thinkn that... :cool:
  6. john30uk

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    You p.c will not take ten years to run the six floppies,it takes mins and will then ask for windows xp cd-rom.
    I foind the files are the same as the ones that the cd load anyway.
    If you are not installing on a empty drive ,IE after a format, you could just do a full install from your exesting install and it will give the option to download upgrades for the install beforehand.
    Prob better with a format and boot p.c from windows xp cd-rom.
    I hace did all varients, and seem the same.