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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by supercrosser, Dec 12, 2001.

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    I have noticed a very strange(high) amount of CPU usage during idle time in XP-Home. Is this the index service running? It only runs if the system is idle for more than a few minutes. If i move my mouse, it stops. I can see the HD LED just flying away while this task(whatever it is), is going about it function. I eliminated the obvious, Norton AV, Network connections, Etc. . IF i am real careful, I can bring up Task Manager, put it on processes, and see "SVCHost,a 12 meg task" running the CPU at about 40 to 60 %. ONLY during idle time(mousewise). Any clues????? :confused:
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    You say XP does a partial defrag ever 3 days? Even if the file system is set as NTFS? If thats, so then it makes sense to me whats happening because I just purchased a new HD 3 days ago and instead of cloning, I did a virgin XP install and just kept my old "c" drive in as "d" to copy the files i wanted, then i removed it. So last night and today would be 3 days. If it(defrag) gets interrupted by system usage or app usage, then all its trying to do is finish what it started. I'm just guessing all this, of course!;)