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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by alvinCPU, Jan 28, 2002.

  1. alvinCPU

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    hey all.
    i am going to go back to windows 98 from XP, cause it doesnt seem to co-operate..anyways i was juss wondering what would be the best way to install back to windows 98? should i reformat c:/ then install 98? but i dont really wanna loose my saved files..so would putting the windows 98 CD in then installing it work? which is the best way to do this...:(
  2. Adre

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    Why are you wanting to downgrade? 98 is quite the unstable operating system.
  3. alvinCPU

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    well my komp aint workin that well...i have a AMD-K6-2 500mhz 128 SDRAM.......XP seems more unstable under my komputer then when i was using 98...
  4. Shamus MacNoob

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    OUCH !!!

    Dude you would need to tie me up and pull out my fingernails one at a time with a pair of pliers rub salt into my bleeding fingers cut off my nuts and force feed them to me ......... before I would go back ...... LOLOL sorry had to say that...... there is always a solution to a problem just have to ask the right questions I know that there is a lot of people on this site that can help with just about anything ........ give details be specific about your troubles .......... I run a 400mhz 128 ram and XP Pro and I love it I can do anything I want ...... I tweaked the hell out of it and it is great ........ sure it aint a 1.5mzh and bla bla but dude I am here and running and it never ran better .............:cool: :cool: :cool:
  5. Khayman

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    Did you change your files system to NTFS? if yes then you must reformat back to FAT32. if not it *may* be possible to go back to 98 without reformatting.
    but even if it is i wouldn't recomend it. the best way is to backup anything important then reformat
  6. phishhead

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    man if I were you I would reformat reinstall xp fresh...and try updating all your drivers first...or do what I do is dual boot w/ win98...I use 98 for just games and everything else is on xp....my system pretty much sucks like yours and it still rocks with xp...
    amd 500mhz
    256 pc133 ram
    sis 16meg video
    20 gig western dig.. @7200rpms

    see pretty much sucks but still better than 98....still get bsod and locks up all the time with 98....not one blue screen or lock up that I could not get out of...so don't give up quite yet...