XP: app no longer runs - sits as process?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by toonerama, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. toonerama

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    Hello, I come in desperation ...

    All of a sudden, my app Emagic Logic Platinum v5.5 will no longer start. It sits there as a process, and nothing happens. I know this can happen with older, non-XP apps, but Logic is definitely XP-compatible. I have tried uninstalling & re-installing Logic, to no avail.

    I've thought about what has changed recently :-
    - A few minor installs
    - Installed .NET Framework (is this problematic?)
    - Removal of temporary files
    - Registry cleanout (since restored)
    - Not much else

    Any suggestions?
    Many thanks!

    P4, Asus P4T533-C, 1gb ram, Win XP Pro SP1
  2. 2z

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    Hi toonerama

    Welcome to ntfs :D

    have you tried ;

    reinstalling the application ???

    did you use a program to clean the registry ??
    these can often cause problems

  3. toonerama

    toonerama Guest

    Thanks for the reply ...

    Yeah, I tried un- & re-installing but it made no difference. And yes, I'm afraid I did use a reg cleaner - XP Scrub. I was thinking the re-install would fix any reg problems, but I guess that's not necessarily true. I will look at a reg restore.