XP And Unexpected Resolution Change

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kassellc, May 21, 2002.

  1. kassellc

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    Hi has anybody seen the problem with Windows XP where the screen resolution changes unexpectedly? I'ts normally after a period of inactivity the user come back to thier PC and they find their resoultion and changed to 800 - 600 or 640 - 480 from 1024 - 768. We're running most of the critical updates (March 2002). Has anybody experienced the same problem or still is? - PLEASE HELP!
  2. stuy_b

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    Do you have a screensaver set to come on after a certain time?.. does the screensaver change resolution when it starts?..

    Im guessing this is the problem, after runing the screensaver Windows doesnt remember your normal desktop resolution.

    I have a screensaver that does this, but I always get back to my normal desktop resolution when it ends. Its more than likely the screensaver thats causing the problem.
  3. kassellc

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    No we have no screensaver set but i think that you are definetly on the right lines perhaps it could be power management etc because it happens after the system has been idle for a while?
  4. stuy_b

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    Try disabling the power management settings , and just selecting one of the default screensavers like Stars or Bezzels or Curves (these are basic simple screensavers).

    Disable powermamangement settings that refer to the monitor turning off, then set the screensaver to one of the ones i mentioned and set the time to 2mins or something, and see what happens.

    Its a case of trial and error.. I'd keep doing the same thing, but would try without any powermanagement (just screensaver), then I'd try with powermamgement.. etc..etc.
    Also this could be linked to the refresh problem that XP has wih many display adaptors, where the resolution defaults to 60Mhz, for any Direct3D & OpenGL apps, screensavers use either!.

    Good Luck.