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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by DarkArcher, Feb 5, 2002.

  1. DarkArcher

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    Why does it seem like XP and the new media player = crap for divx.

    I had no problems under 98

    i either get no video or no sound or it simply won't load..
    tried alpha divx 3.11's and 4.12's
  2. dotbatman

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    Try Global Divx Player here.
  3. AmarSingh

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    while we are on this topic, can anyone suggest a divx player like tha playa that allows you to change the aspect ratio of the movie. Id use tha playa, but whenever I seek forward, the audio becomes out of sync with the video and it doesnt get back in sync after a few seconds like most players do
  4. dotbatman

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    ya, i've noticed that too, but it doesn't seem to happen on my faster machine, so I thought is was a resource issue at higher resolutions. i've seen it happen with WiMP and the GDivX player i mentioned.

    so it's nothing to do with the power or speed of the machine?

    when you say aspect ratio, you mean size? ie., the movie is set at 704 x whatever, but you go full screen? i thought they all did that.
  5. AmarSingh

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    i dont have the sound problem with other players, just tha playa. When i say aspect ratio, i dont mean size. If you have the playa installed, right click on the video, chooe video>maintain aspect ratio and then you can change the layout on the screen( ie format it like they do when they show movies on tv with no black bars at the top or bottom). I like this feature cuz I hook my laptop up to the tv and then i can get a full screen picture.
  6. dotbatman

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    i see

    So how is the picture on the TV? it seems to me that a divx with a vert resolution of 700 is gonna look pretty nice on a TV...

    so if I have a video out feed on my graphics board i can run it to the AV port on the TV?
  7. AmarSingh

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    Re: i see

    It looks great on the tv without anything done to it, but if you change the aspect ratio, you can watch it without the balck borders at the top and bottom(ever notice that message that pops up when you watch movies on network tv: "this movie has been modified from its orginal format to fit your television"? Thats what changing the aspect ratio does) If you have a video out on your video card you can hook that up to your tv or vcr and watch your movies there
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    Try Zoom Player

    I never had any problems with divX on my machine, but when I tried to view m2v files with WMP the film looked like it was squeezed together horizontaly. I found Zoom Player and it worked great, lots of options to resize vide to fit vide out, and plays the most types of videofiles (At least from my experience. Anybody know a better player, let me know :) )

    There is a catch though. The first version of Zoom Player i tried had occational annoying error messages coming up. If I clicked OK, the player would close. If I ignored them, the player contienued perfectly like nothing ever happened. The recent version of Zoom Player I had has been bugging me so much that I decidet to stay with WMP (...for now :) )

    Anyways, to make a looong story short: Go to www.divx.com, get zoom player, try it. If it works, then it's great.
  9. Carbonize

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    Sorry, got the url wrong. (Maby my brain has a bad memory stick :) )

    Correct url: www.divx-digest.com
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    Back when my XP installation was 'fresh' and I installed the newest DivX drivers I also had some files that would play with no sound.... irritating as hell.... I figured it was just a missing codec or something similar....

    Anyways, I found this download of DivX video and audio codecs in my searching that after installing solved all of my problems. It was called "Nimo Codecs Pack" ... so if you have the same issues and still want to use WMP just let me know and I can send you a copy. :)
  11. dotbatman

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    hey attach it here, it would be nice to have it around just in case.


    oh, one player i found which is really good is on here.
  12. OMightyManII

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  13. AmarSingh

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    i think ive found the best player that ive used yet...its called powerDivX. It lets you do all of the things that tha playa does, but the audio resyncs after you fast forward. It even lets you jump to a specific time in the movie, change the screen resolution when u go fullscreen, change brightness, hue, colour etc. and define custom aspect ratios. Be sure to check it out

  14. cam

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    wow.. i had no clue you could go full full screen.. ive had tvout for a while and have been watching my films wide screen style. thanks a bunch ;)

    - cam
  15. AmarSingh

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    for a lot of movies the 16X9 aspect ratio seems to look best. the 4X3 (tv) seems too streched (for me anyway)