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  1. Has anybody installed xp on an ASUS A7V ( just an ASUS A7V, not an ASUS A7V 133 etc )with a Hercules Prophet 2 mx 64mb graphics card. If so could you please post a message how it was done

    Or does anybody know if an ASUS A7V is XP compatable...latest bios revision 1009

    Thanx JohnJohn
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    I have the asus a7v w/ latest bios flash you mentioned. runs well with XP. However, I do not know about the video card you mentioned.
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    I have A7V with Bios version 1009 and a Hercules Prophet 3D II MX .
    I had poblems with the famous 4nv_disp (or endless loop) failure.
    Hercules recommended update with latest Via 4 in 1 and reinstalling Hercules SW. This did not solve the problem. Thereafter I reduced the AGP speed from 4 to 2 on the motherboard Bios. Now I have a totally stable system!

    Hercules recommends to ommit the ACPI mode (back to normal PC mode), than I could switch back to AGP 2 to AGP4 mode.
    However, since I have a stable system I will not do it. :p
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    ASUS A7V Rel 1.02 Bios 1009

    Just curred my nv4_disp problem when using AGP = 4 in Bios.

    Have a look on site:

    I had exactly the described fault situation. In Bios: advanced menue/chip configuration items:

    AGP Drive Strength P Ctrl was not by default = "C" but "9" and
    AGP Drive Strengh N Ctrl was not be default = "E" but "D"

    setting it manual did not help, after rebooting the old D9 value was back again. The tool "pcredit"from www.h-oda.com made this visable.

    Follow the instrution on the a7vtroubleshooting site above.
    When running the wpcredit program just look for the crosspoint
    "B0" and "01" ( B0x01) Also in may case I found "D9" instead of " EC"

    now Win XP / Asus 7V version 1009/ Hercules 3D Prophet II MX (with XP driver) is stable!
    I also have latest Via 4 in 1. If it reall is needed I do not know.
    I already had them installed before fixing the problem.