XP and 98 Network Problems

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by brana02, Mar 15, 2002.

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    I currently have a cable modem going into a router with 4 port switch. There are three computers on our LAN- two 98's and an XP. All of the computers are in the same workgroup. The two 98's have NETBieu, TCP/IP, and IPX/SPX with file and print sharing disabled for tcp/ip but enabled for netbios and ipx/spx. Both have client for microsoft networks. The computer names are different. So far the two 98's can communicate and share files and a printer. The XP has TCP/IP and IPX/SPX enabled. I recently did the ipx/spx and this allowed my two 98's to access shared resources on the XP. However the XP cannot find these two hosts at all. The XP has ZoneAlert, and i know for a fact that the tcp/ip and ipx/spx are all clicked for file and printer sharing as well as the microsoft client. The XP has the LAN connection as well as a bridge connection between 1394 and LAN connection3.
    I am unfamiliar with how to change the built in firewall settings. I do not know how this may affect what I want to do. This is all the info i know, if anyone knows what needs to be done to allow the XP to communicate and access the 98's shared resources please help!
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    Drop NetBEUI and IPX/SPX now. You're behind a router and they are unnecessary. Enable file/printer sharing over TCP/IP and enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP. Do the same on the XP machine, and install ZoneAlarm (Not Alert...) on all the machines, assuming you have licenses for ZA Pro for each machine, configuring it properly so ZA Pro knows it's on either the gateway or client machine in a shared-connection environment.

    NetBEUI is slow, out of date and insecure. IPX is novell-proprietary and is non-routable, generally, which is fine for your security, but it's a shitty solution in a simple networked environment. And File/Printer sharing over TCP I can almost guarantee you, is blocked on your ISP's network (though you may want to double check, or else block those ports to the external connection on your router).
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    Thank you very much Lactic.Acid, you have no idea how much i appreciate your help. Everyone appears quickly in network neighborhood with file and printer access, i can ping everyone by name now rather than just by ip address. The Zone Alarm pro is set to trust the two 98 hosts. Do I need to get The Zome Alarm pro for the two 98's or are they protected by the router because i called asante the other day and they said our private ip's are hidden so it is a secure private network.