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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by robin.munro, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. robin.munro

    robin.munro Guest

    I have aquired the ISO to this, is there any file withing the ISO that will tell me it's build or do I have to install it first?

    The ISO is 538.50MB if that helps at all!

    While we are on the subject what is the latest build?

  2. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    Right click on the setup.exe file (should be on the root of the ISO), select properties> 'version' tab> under 'item name' should be a 'file version' category. I don't know what the latest build is.
  3. robin.munro

    robin.munro Guest


    That did the trick.....

    Oh yes just one more question.....

    Do any of you actually sleep!!! :D
  4. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    define 'sleep.' :D :p
  5. robin.munro

    robin.munro Guest

    What is sleep?!

    Sleep is that feeling of unconsciousness, as your eyes try to focus on the monitor with the little blue bar that continually says 'something' has a certain % to go!

    They say that we spend 'X' amount of hours on the toilet and 'X' amount of hours eating etc....

    Tell me, how many years of our life do we spend fixing errors that we knew we shouldn't of tampered with in the first place!

    I need my bed, it is 05.35 in the UK now and I am still contimplating installing a beta of advanced server!


  6. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    ROFL, excellent line.
  7. MiseryQ

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    Last time I looked the latest was 3619... But thats subject to daily changing...
  8. robin.munro

    robin.munro Guest


    to get the ISO of build 3605 - however I have no serial or de-activation proggy.

    This next wuastion is probably against the rules, but do you have any idea where you would look if you were in my situation...

    I have a very recent serial, but I don't know if they change it each build and it is a bit of a gamble!!
  9. robin.munro

    robin.munro Guest


    Micro$oft wouldn't of been stupid enough to leave the activation as it was in XP would they???!! Coz I could use that then!!!:D
  10. MiseryQ

    MiseryQ Guest

    You can not use the regular Corp files for .Net...
    It changes Pro...

    Pm me if you want specifics... Or try to find the 8in1 cd...