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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Munted, May 29, 2002.

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    I have a winXP comp networked with a win98 comp, with the 98 computer using the net through the XP's connection. I simply can NOT figure out 2 things and it would be tops if some one could help me out!

    1) i cant find a way to view the status of the internet connection from the 98 comp, to see if it the XP comp is connected to the net or not,
    2) is there any program (built into windows preferably) that is like an instant messenger between the computers that works over both operating systems? like 'winpopup', which was used between two 98 computers.

    im sure these are very simple questions and i thank in advance the person that can be bothered to help me out ;-)
  2. Zedric

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    I'm not sure but if you run the networking wizard (I think it's on the XP CD or you can make a floppy somewhere in the wizard on the XP machine) on the 98 machine you might get this function.
    Um no, not included as far as I know. You could just copy Winpopup to the XP machine and see if it works
    You're welcome! :)
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    For the first question i don't have an answer. But if you want an instant messenger for Xp and 98 try WinMessenger. It works great to me. Hope i helped :)
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    you could try using win-vnc from your 98 machine the program needs to be installt to both machines.
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    i am sure that with MSN Messenger on the Win98 PC and Windows Messenger on the XP machine you will be able to IM between the two PC's.
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    net send

    The easiest way to send a message to a Win98 PC from an XP box without any external software is by using "net send".

    Open Command Prompt
    Type the following (replacing the stuff in brackets with the appropriate):
    net send [Computer name] [Message]

    Make sure WinPopup is running on the 98 box. On the other hand, if a message is sent from the 98 box using WinPopup, nothing needs to be open on the XP machine ... u just get a dialog box with the message. Its pretty cool ... give it a shot! :)

    Feel free to ask if u have any problems ...
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    I agree to send a message alone i would use netsend too. but the first problem: to wiew the status of the adapters of the xp-comp you need remote control of the xp-comp.
    remote desktop don't work on w9x so you need 3party software like win-wnc, tivoli, timbuktu.
  8. Chrysalis

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    Download Terminal Services client for win98 from MS site and enable remote desktop on the XP pc. You will have lag free control of your XP desktop and thus be able to see if it is online or not.
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    Thanks heaps for ur help ppl! I used ur advice and got winmessenger (which is EXACTLY what i was after) and to view the status of the net on the 98 comp, i installed the networking wizrd off the xp cd. Doing that put a icon in the system tray in 98 (called dialup gateway or something) that shows the status of the net on the the xp comp! once again - exactly what i was trying to do.. thanks again guys !!