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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by VenomXt, Mar 28, 2004.

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    im sure this is been answered somewhere else but id like to ask it any way. I recently got a Xp 2600+ and i hear things about unlocking multiplers. How do i do this what do i do with it after i do it and what does it exactly do :)
  2. ming

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    Oooh. There was this guide about OC. But what I saw was a piece of metal connecting two pins together in the CPU socket. Can't remember which OC area (FSB/multiplier) that was regarding though.
  3. LeeJend

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    Most OC friendly MB do that for you. The latest mask revisions on Tbred and Barton do not appear to allow overclocking the multiplier.

    I gave up trying on tbred (even tried the wire jumper on the cpu and never even tried with the new barton and went to fsb OC'ing.

    BTW I had the 7VRXP it wouldn't even recognize 333 FSB, only 333 memory. The clock multiplier chip could not hack it. They went from the kt333 to a kt333a for the 333 FSB cpus.
  4. Ded Morozh

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    Your board is an Nvidia Nforce2, should do it automatically for you, just need to find the setting in your bios. Mine is under the Power Settings, in Pheonix Award Bios
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    saw a review on some site
    about a lil plastic piece that fits in the pins under the cpu
    it connects 2 of the pins
    and this unlocks the multiplier from 5x to 12.5x or something like that