Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Octopus, Sep 2, 2002.

  1. Octopus

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  2. Octopus

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    because of the damn CGI ha!
  3. rick_422

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    with those few screenshots there
    that game looks like it would be a bit of fun!

  4. GT2000

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    Hmm, could be interesting..
  5. RobbieSan

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    looks pretty cool..
  6. Stircrazy

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    Looks ok but a lil to cartoonish to me lol
    and the BLAM part ...just plain scares me..
  7. Stircrazy

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    lol i dunno just the cartoonish part makes me think it should have been made On Genisis or SNES think about how those games looked lol i still love the ones i have just probably wouldnt get any more on an Updated console with similar grafix especially since they boast that they are all so much better and so on lol

    Its sad i never bought a PS2 but got a GC ... but like some games on my Dreamcast compare very well to my friends ps2 and make it nowhere near the GC counterparts lol
  8. GT2000

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    The cartoony part is actually what caught my attention, be nice to play something out of the ordinary :)
  9. jkoXP

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    looks kinda cool actually... looks very promising for xbox
  10. deej0tt

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  11. chris

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    This game won overall game of the show at ECTS the other week, which cant be bad. Ubi Soft are channeling all they can into this game as its their main release this side of christmas.

    i'm looking forward to playing it, as already said, the cell shaded look is different and the storyboard effects to headshots/crucial shots is different as well. everything from the sound, main character is voiced by david duchovny, to the graphics looks good.

    i think i will try before i buy though, pretty much as with every game i like the look of
  12. Vade Mecum

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    Hmm, I don't think that Celshading and FPS is a good combination.
  13. Petros

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    I'd like to see a cel shaded game about rollerblading.
  14. StormFront

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    Has anyone played the demo of this yet? Actually a lot better than I imagined! The cell shade works really well actually. I thought there would be a problem with perspective due to everything being flat.

    And HandBuddy, I assume you are joking and testing our knowledge of older games?:cool:
  15. Grandmaster

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    Exactly. The game looks promising indeed. Plus it's made by Ubi Soft who have had a great track record recently. The game has a great stylistic look to it.
  16. Jet Set Future.
  17. Yharn

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    Indiana, USA
    I played the demo and this game is gonna rock. Can't wait for its release. The cell shading is a nice change. The demo is worth downloading for those of you that haven't already you should check it out.
  18. Erbmaster

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    Makes a nice change from all the developers competing to give "lifelike" appearance.
    At least this should'nt beast the machine required to run it!!.

    As already mentioned looks different, but would've been better employed by the
    developers of the recent Spiderman and Hulk games.
    Cell Shading looks nice in the right setting, and could actually enhance certain games