Xbox and PS2

Discussion in 'Console Gaming' started by Parental Adviso, Jun 5, 2002.

  1. we all have pretty good pc's
    would you buy a ps2 or xbox even though you have a really good pc if so why
  2. Sazar

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    rather have a pc... I play shootem ups and I prefer my keyboard/mouse combo to anything that can be thrown out controller-wise..

    was just thinking how much fun Halo woulda been on the PC instead of Xbox... looks pretty on the Xbox BUT... movement is not as smooth for me... :)

    YNWA !!!
  3. Grandmaster

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    it might be just me... but i have ALWAYS found FPS's to be more 'natural' in movement on consoles...

    {edit} i OWN AN XBOX! {/edIt}
  4. G-Money

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    I would go for the XBOX........

    Going to get one myself !!!!

  5. Liger ZERO

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    I have an xbox and I love it. There has only been one game that I liked on the pc and thats Star Trek starfleet academy. If I want to play games I go to my xbox. If I want to watch DVD I go to my xbox. If I want to go on the web then I will go to my pc. I just think that gaming is not fun on pc's. It is a lot faster, easier, and better to play on a console.;)