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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Son Goku, Jan 7, 2006.

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    When I went to grab the lattest SG1, right on the first page, I saw this little flame war start out. I'm not sure about providing a link here, as the page includes a link to the download, albeit that's not what I'm posting about.

    Some people's gripe seems to be that Americans should download something that has aired on TV in the US. From there, they're proceeding to blame Americans for making their Internet slow :laugh:

    Through a myriad of complaints, is also critisism that people should downlad (a TV show here, mind you) as if that's bad (and yet what are they doing at a torrent site). However recording it on the VCR is good :p Well I'm grabbing the torrent, but

    /mouth drops

    If someone is wondering the page, just go to torrent spy, and search for Stargate. It's the lattest SG1, aka season 9, episode 11. The link is at the top now.

    OK, end of story? Not quite...

    It continues, and gets more heated, with language (in some cases) I don't think I'll repeat. LOL, this is the first time I've seen, practically on the first page complaints begin about what country the downloader happens to reside in. Discussion latter turns into complaints about how his downloads are slower then the swarm's average, and complaints that Americans are at fault for making his Internet slow...
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    if it took up bandwidth I'd agree with the complaint, but it actually helps bandwidth so the complaint is a little obsurd
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    Yeah, another complaint, which was supposedly also the fault of American downloaders was that there were only 200 seeders and many downloaders at a time before the site I pulled it from had not yet listed it. I guess he pulled it from mininova. Anyhow, the gist was "how dare you Americans download it, and not give it to me, faster and at this moment".

    Now that the torrent is more well established (it was first uploaded last night), it's got like 2,207 seeders. Well I'm sorry, but it just takes time for some people to get it, so they could turn around and distribute it further, on a tracker that from the complaintant's own description was too new to have been picked up by all the torrent search sites as of then...
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    Lol I was thinking the same thing. The whole fight is based on a false premise, which makes it really silly.
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    You know I don't even watch TV, so does this make me immune? Or as I COULD record it to my PC am I at fault for not recording it to share? Would me recording it make the internet slower as the cable we have that I don't watch is digital? EEEK!!
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    Lol, this is about as absurd as when this one person was chastizing and totally berated someone for having a gig of RAM in their win2k box several years ago. The claim was the person was a nut, because the RAM would degrade from not being used, cause "who needs that much memory anyhow".

    wtf? :laugh: I told a friend of mine who had recently graduated as a comp engineer, as well as showed him a copy of the rant, and he was like "yeah, the Internet is full of fools such as this. The memory will degrade and go bad, because who could ever use a gig of RAM LOL"

    BTW, when I came home latter in the day and disconnected (with a share ratio of 2.61 mind you), the torrent had over 3,000 seeders by then. It wasn't lacking seeders because greedy and selfish Americans were downloading the file and were making a personal decision to refuse to share it with him. It had far fewer seeders, as, well when I grabbed the file it was about 6 or 7 hours after the show was first on TV. He obviously connected to it much closer to the time it actually aired, and so hadn't had much time for seeding to get underway by then...
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