Workgroup not ACCESSIBLE???!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by phillip_gong, Mar 17, 2002.

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    God help me....

    Or a XP expert would be nice too.

    A small LAN contains three computers. Two are on XP and one is on Windows 2000. There is a Linksys router acting as a DHCP server. All three computers are sharing a ADSL connections and can surf just fine. However, two XP boxes can't access the workgroup without being logged on as "Administrator." I set up an user with Admin status, still can't access the workgroup. Funny enough, a regular user on the Windows 2000 box can browse the workgroup just fine. I have tried to edit system settings and group policy, but no improvements at all.

    God or a XP expert please help me.
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    Just to cover the bases, you have file/printer sharing and NetBIOS enabled on each computer, right? And all three are in the same workgroup and named differently? Often when I've gotten the workgroup not available errors, it was due to the fact that file/printer sharing was disabled.
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    Yep and Yep and Yep and Yep....

    I found this situation really funny is if I logging onto the two XP boxes with "Administrator" and I could access my network just fine. If I log on with my account (set as an Administrator), I couldn't access it at all.

    My firewall is built in my router, so I disabled the XP firewall. I checked every settings in the Group Policy too.

    Okay now.. a little update.
    Last night....
    My laptop has a 1394 port that somehow acting as a network adapter. Even with its TCP/IP settings! I accidently set up a bridge between the NIC and the 1394 port. I disabled the bridge and BAM!! my network came up alive! I logged in and out with my account and my network is accessible from the laptop!

    I can't explain it.. just can't.. but for the love of the God......

    My adventure continues....