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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Meega, Jan 7, 2002.

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    Is it possible to log on a computers workgroup over the internet?
    When i make a vpn connection ,i get logd on but i can't see shared files + my other programs like icq are logd off until i close the connection.
    I am connected to the internet whitout a vpn connection .
    I am always on.
    The other computer has a vpn connection.
    Both windowsxp.
    excuse my english I am from holland

    groeten (greetings) Meega
  2. Lactic.Acid

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    No you can not, unfortunately. To log on to a workgroup you must use Client for Microsoft Windows and File & Printer Sharing. These services though, are not routeable (I don't think) and even if they were, most networks have those ports blocked. I know that at least RoadRunner/TimeWarner blocks those ports.

    If you're running XP on the host machine (which you are, as you stated) you can use Remote Desktop Connection to gain access to network resources. If you click Start->Programs->Accessories->Communications->Remote Desktop Connection you can type in the IP address or Domain Name of the host machine and log on to it in a Terminal Services session.

    This operates similarly to VNC if you're familiar with that. Using RDC you should be able to access everything you need.
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    Oke thank you for your information Lactic.Acid
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    i have the problem where i can't access internet while connected to a VPN server ...

    i am connected to internet through ADSL and to VPN through internet .. internet gets back to work when i disconnect from the VPN .. wonder why ...?!
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    I am able to connect via a VPN & view the workgroup over the VPN. I am also able to use my internet connection just fine while connected to the VPN. CFMN & F&P sharing should route over the VPN just fine. Check out the following sites & see if you can find a solution.

    using winXP as a VPN Server:

    using the winXP VPN Client:

    MS VPN Howto: