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    Several Weeks ago I was having an annoying problem with Win XP and LeeJend gave me some very useful advise and I used his solution on a few occasions, but I was still curious as to why every so often I would get the message when I rebooted my PC that "Since Windows was activated,there has been changes that require you to re-activate Windows".

    Since I did not replace, change or add any new hardware in my system it had my curiosity going. I started to think back when this issue began to occur and the only thing that I could think of was 2 pieces of software I had purchased recently. 1 was WP X3 Standard and the other was Ulead Video Studio 9.

    I had been running the OEM version of Ulead VS 8 but decided to buy the full retail version. I knew that could not have been the problem, since I had been running ver 8 for over a year with out any issues with Windows, so I looked at WP. I decided to install it on an Aopen Open Book 1545 laptop that I use as an emergency backup PC should my main PC (which is an Athlon 64 3700+ with an Epox MB) have hardware problems.

    I have had this laptop for close to 3 years and other than updating / installing Windows service packs, I am running AVG on it, so basically the OS is a basic install. Right after installing WP X3 and rebooting it, guess what I got - I had to re-activate Windows. I re-activated it and I then tried another experiment and opened WP to create a new document, saved it and then closed it.

    Rebooted the laptop and got the message again and again I re-activated Win XP. At this point I was sure that the root of the problem was with having WP installed, so when I un-installed it, I got the message again and re-activated Win XP again. So I then uninstalled it from my main PC, and yes, I got the Re-activate Windows again, but since my re-activation and removal of WP X3, I have not had this issue again.

    Now, I am not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that it was the OEM version of WP X3, but I am not going to try downloading the trial version from Corel and go through the re-activation issue again. As a note, back in Win 98 days, I had purchased WP 2000 which I think was WP 8, and it had an interesting problem with it where if you had WP 8 open and you wanted to print something else from another app or from the internet, you would get the message that the printer was busy or un-available. If you closed WP, there were no printing problems.

    I just wanted to share my findings in case someone else is having this problem and can not figure out why they have to re-activate Win XP frequently.
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