WMP9- full screen?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by neo111, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. neo111

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    I was trying one of my movies out today and wanted to go full screen with windows media player 9, but when it went full screen the whole application window just went full screen while the movie remained small. Is this due to lack of video power on my laptop, or is everyone having this sort of problem?
  2. Huang618

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    my WMP9 is very cracky also

    i think it's just some bugs, my player keeps on crashing when i switch it into the skin mode, does anyone know how to uninstall WMP9 and switch it back to WMP8?
  3. Hipster Doofus

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    Check this thread out. ;)
  4. FoSsiL

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    re: my WMP9 is very cracky also

    download WMP-8 and install over WMP-9. o..yeah is WMP-9 an offical release or beta??
  5. GoNz0

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    there was a restore point on mine.
  6. chastity

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    WMP 9 is beta software. And as far going full screen with movies sometimes u can make the movie full screen and sometimes u can't.
  7. sickmyduck

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    how to uninstall wmp9

    go to c:\program files\windows media player\
    delete wmplayer.exe
    boot from your windows xp cd
    do a repair install

    this avoid a format and starting over

    and as far as some media files being able to be full screen and others not, i don't know what kind of &*^$ you're smoking but I have never had a problem viewing ANY video file full screen. Maybe it's just dumb user error

    so go on flame me if you want but I just answered 50 peoples questions because no one was smart enough to think to try a repair install everyone is saying use system restore, or download wmp7, or format.

    stupid people.....
  8. MikeWilson

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    The reason the movie stayed small is because you had it set to 100% size probably, you have to right click the movie in action and click video size then FIT TO PLAYER, now try it in full screen, it will probably work. I have wmp9 beta and it works great on everything.