WMP Video Freeze, Folder Sorting

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by aidoru, Sep 21, 2002.

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    Recently Media Player ( has been acting up a bit with video files... The video has been freezing after a few minutes of playback, while the audio continues on... Liberal use of the positioning bar can sometimes fix it, but it's become quite the hassle... Ideas? This doesn't happen on all video files, but the majority that it does happen to, it happens to rather reliably.


    I've got this love of folders sorted by Type... It's just so useful.. but *damned* if my 'incoming' directory doesn't refuse to stay sorted by type.. seems to always revert back to name.. Missing something obvious, perhaps?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated, and if it's anything more than 'check this box, smart one', I'd love to understand what's *wrong* rather than just how to fix it, if you've the time to run it down for me :)

    Thanks people :)
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    hot bump action :D
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    Well I might be able to help keep the folders sort by type. When ur in a folder have it sorted by type then go to Tools folder options view and click on the apply to all folders button that should do the trick. As to the WMP problem I haven't got any ideas. I hope this helps you
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    Ya, I have the same problem with my media player.....want to finish watching my damn Milf video's but video freezes, I can only hear the Milf hunter plowing into her....damn!! LOL
    moving the play bar only gives me snippits of the remaining video.