WMP on your desktop? This is how to do it!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Fop, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. Fop

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    Ok here's the source on how to use mediaplayer on your desktop, it ain't that hard. Playlists are not implemented yet, gotta look into that...

    Give me feedback..

    Fixed a little javascript fault..

    I must say that this is for WMP9, there are some problems with previous versions..
  2. Alex_is_Axel

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    Thanx Fop... looks pretty good and i like the fact you can hide the vizualisation box :happy: ... it will be better when there is a playlist tho :cool:

    But so far its cool!!! :D


    Sincerly Alex:cool:
  3. Alvy

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    Great work on this m8 =) =)

    Looking forward to more of your stuff in the future ehhe =)
  4. NetRyder

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    Cool! :)
    Will have a look at it in a bit.

    NetRyder :cool:
  5. Fop

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    here's my dekstop so you can see it in action

  6. Lithium

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    anyway this can be done with winamp? if so that would be nice im not too fond of wmp but this is really cool ive got it on my desktop right now oh and yes a playlist would make me want to use this just a lil bit more
  7. Jazzhound

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    Damn FOP, that's one crazy clean desktop. I noticed though your applications you only have 3 listed. Does it collapse to show sub-categories like:


    - Imaging

    - Photoshop
    - Image Ready
    - Fireworks

    ... etc using js ?

    Sweet desktop and thanks for the WMP tip.

    P.S Is that JLH ?
  8. NetRyder

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    Sweet ... thanks for the screenshot. :)
  9. trotok

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    Very sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! thx m8
  10. Cool desktop you have there, Fop!

    And did you know, you can resize the movie viewing box by dragging the holders bigger or smaller in Microsoft FrontPage. That is what I did for a bigger desktop movie viewing.
  11. Fop

    Fop Guest

    I did know, but I don't like FrontPage ;) I just use dreamweaver or notepad.

    For my next version there wil be some options you can change which will include the size of the view screen and some other options.
  12. lechtard

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    This is very nice - I like it .. How would you do this for winamp ??? I don't use WMP that much ..
  13. Fop

    Fop Guest

    I've included playlist code, it's still in beta, expect an update soon with cleaned up code and options like shuffle....

    As usual comments are welcome...
  14. lechtard

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    It's looking pretty good dude - Is there anyway to add viewability of what song is being played and maybe have a play list list in winamp ???
  15. CCJohn

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    o man this is REALLY nice. Very nice job. If there is a way to just drag a mp3 into the WM9 and have it play, it would be great. Keep up the great work.
  16. DFX

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    Would be greater if you could use this for Zoom Player or Winamp.
  17. Krux

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  18. Fop

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  19. Lithium

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    well this doesnt work with winamp 3
  20. Fop

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    Contact the author, I'm trying to do something with mediaplayer but nobody seems to be interested...