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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pluto, Sep 2, 2006.

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    I am using WLM8 (812), latest version.

    My problem:

    No matter what status I choose, I am always appearing offline! To all my contacts.

    I have added myself on msn and when I sign on, the pop-up for me does not come up which means I am offline!

    I have downgrade and re-installed msn to no avail.

    Even looked on the mess.be forums and found that other people are having the same problem but there are zero solutions. Had a look around the WLM help and support. Bugger all there!

    Its been happening for a while and I would usally sign out and sign back in again. Now this does not fix the problem.

    The problem developed some time after updating to 812. I tried the previous one, get the same result.

    I cleaned out the cache; reset my modem and router; directly connected the modem to the computer; cleaned out the temp files; ran diagnostics.

    Argh! Yet I tried another account and Im online! but that account has 1 contact and thats my own account!

    Any one know of any solutions or know whats happening? The WLM blog has no mention of any bugs.

  2. dELUXE

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    solution by powerayd from http://forum.meebo.com/viewtopic.php?t=7305 [it really works]:

    just go to msn live messenger website, and leave beta or/and enter it, it should work!

    cuz when i went there, it said try now.. even though i was currently using window live mesenger.... ( so i was like.. wth try now?? i'm already in >.< ) so guess they thought i wasn't using messenger live and that's whyy i appeared offline...

    website of messenger live:


    hope it helps~
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    Wow thanks! My friend had the same problem, so he came back to version 7.5. I didn't upgrade at all due to this problem. Thanks DL (rep++ :) )
  4. Digdis

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    Had to bump this one, as another friend of mine had the same problem with WLM, and the posted link seems dead. Googled a bit, and it seemed this problem happened to lots of people. Does anyone here have a solution?
  5. Electronic Punk

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    Well as the beta is no longer active (8.1 is in testing now I think) not totally sure it can apply.

    Try logging on to web messenger:

    And seeing if similar symptoms occur
  6. Digdis

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    Thanks EP. He tried it, but with the web msn it didn't happen.
  7. Digdis

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    After searching a bit more (including the MSN forums), it seems that this is a genuine problem in WLM (not there in previous versions). As WLM seems to have many other problems, I'm sticking with 7.5, and advised my friends to downgrade as well. After they did, all problems were gone. Guess we need to wait till WLM is more stable.
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    Try deleting this key -