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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by micropitt, Jun 7, 2002.

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    Hi all,
    i have a problem with XP Pro in a network. The network has one NT4 server and 15 workstations, 12 of them with Win98 and 3 with XP Pro. With the XP Pro workstation i can browse the Internet but i can not receive any e-mails. I also can not ping anything behind the server. I tryed different things in the setup from DNS to Gateway but nothing worked. At normal the workstation are getting everything from the NT4 server per DHCP and WINS. I would be thankful for any hint.
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    Try manually assigning IPs and info, rather then letting SHCP do it. Assign it a free address and see if it works then

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    I will try it tommorow. Thank you...
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    The idea was good but it didn't work. However, i found out that on the NT4 Server is a Proxy Server running. The Win98 Workstations don't have a problem with that, only the 3 XP Pro Workstation. Like i said, browsing the Internet is no problem with the XP Pro. I just can not connect to the ISP's mailserver with Outlook. Is there any work arround? Do i have to change some settings on the NT4 Proxy Server?
    Thank you
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    Double check your pop and smtp servers in Outlook.
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    I don't think that i have mis-typed the mail servers on all 3 XP Pro workstation :)
    But I doublechecked all entrys and everything is correct. I believe that the problem is somewhere in XP Pro.