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    OK,...this is the problem. I download alot of custom maps for day of defeat, counterstrike, d-day, etc. Alot of them are in .zip form. That means that i have to take each file for each map and put it in my directory. This is very time consuming. But I've seen alot of sites, including this one:

    that say check "use folder names" before extracting. This would save me alot of time but I don't know where the "use folder names" in winzip is.

    Anyone know where it is?
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    When you open the zip file and select extract - it should give you the Extract to: dialogue box, on the bottom left of that menu os the "Use Folder Names" option - tick it.

    You may be running your winzip in "Wizard" mode (which means it tries to do everything for you) if so - open Winzip - go to Option - Configuration and select the Miscellaneous tab; then un-tick the "Next time start with the Wizard interface" option

    :) Cheers :)