WinXP w/ 1gb RDRAM - Major sluggishness, lag ~ Why?

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  1. Recently bought a new computer with WinXP Home Edition installed on it. Ever since I loaded programs on it, paint, graphic, utilities, games etc. I have had a horrible time dealing with the lag and sluggishness that all of a sudden has come with it. I am using not even 15% of my hard drive, and have over 1gb of RDRAM.

    For example, when I play a game, say Ever Quest, a MMPORG, it uses 100% of my CPU, causing such programs as Winamp in the background to lag so bad that I cannot even change tracks. I have maybe at the most 2 other apps going other than Ever Quest at one time when it does this. Heck, I get it when I have just one app running besides EQ.

    In other cases when I am not playing games, I have slow menus, slow startup of 1-2 IE windows, opening or starting new applications, or going through folders/files etc. looking for programs and the like.

    I used to run Win98, and I NEVER had this much trouble as the sluggishness of WinXP. I used to be able to run Ever Quest, Winamp, and 2 or 3 other apps at the same time with NO discernable lag or sluggishness like WinXP.

    Is there a setting, utility or something that I can do to change this irritating trend? I fear it may be a bottleneck, but where and how do I fix it?
  2. Even if we know the good old XP's lazy tricks, we cannot exclude hardware problems (the immense faults of the software breed the belief the hardware is O.K., but it is not necessary).
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    try reinstalling ur XP.. it might help :D .. Maybe try updating ur hardware driver.

    I am currently { [​IMG] | | [​IMG] | | [​IMG] }
    Intel P4 1.5 Ghz
    Intel D850GB MOBO
    256MB PC 800 RDRAM
    20GB Maxtor HDD (5400 RPM)
    40GB Maxtor HDD (7200 RPM)
    52X Creative CDROM
    8X4X32 Creative CDRW
    Iomega 100 MB USB Zip Drive
    SYBA Ultra ATA IDE controller card
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    Could be overheating. Intel chips will "throttle down" when overheating. Do you monitor your cpu temperature?
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    I had a similar problem with my wifes computer. I went to PCPITSTOP and ran a full system check and everything came up ok except for extremely poor hard drive performance. I figured it was the hard drive going bad and when I opened the case to get the hard drive info to do an RMA on it I noticed
    that the drive was very hot. I added two case fans (the case had no fans before) and it is running fine again.

    It doesn't take very long to run the system check at and it might help you figure out what your problem is.