WinXP + SP1 = No EAX HD in Jedi Knight II

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by GhenghisKhan, Sep 11, 2002.

  1. GhenghisKhan

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    I just installed the SP1 for Windows XP and discovered that Jedi Knight II now locks up on me when starting a MP game (I'm assuming it'll behave the same for single player). I discovered that if I turn the EAX HD off in the sound options menu, I no longer experience the lock ups. And yes, I have an Audigy card that worked fine in Jedi Knight II before applying the SP1 patch with EAX HD enabled.

    I looked on Sound Blasters web site for additional info, but nothing has been posted.

    Just wondering if others with the Audigy card + SP1 + Jedi Knight II are experiencing the same problems and what you did to fix it (if anything). Thanks.
  2. fedele

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    I get that even when I didn't instal SP1. I had to turn it off for Mp games and on for SP games. I think it is a poor written driver by Creative Labs....
  3. PC-Dude

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    Check this page on I believe it discusses this very topic.
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    wow that majorly sucks!! 2 big corporate names failing in providing good software: creative soundblaster and LUCASARTS for heaven's sake!!!.... thanks for the post pcdude.
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    No Problem :D