WinXP SE - Fact or Fiction ?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Ves007, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. Ves007

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    Bill wouldn't right?
  2. andy_rose

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  3. max

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    I wouldnt believe to much what the register writes :p

    They are basically the same as Paul thurrot , they make up things , to get the hits. But people believe it so it must work .. hehhehehee

    A typical Thurrot announcemnet : "a Micorsoft Senior developer who is my buddy, told me there will be an XP SE SE, which will incorporate Virual Reality, so you can smell things and touch things through the NEW internet using quantum physics so you wont need an ISP or modem in 6 months"

    ROFL !!

    That guy is so full of it, but people believe him :)

    Notice they never have/post an actual name or source from MS ... lol
  4. stuy_b

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    Yep, what a load of cock and bull!!

    Some people are soo gullible!! :D

  5. sic166mhz

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    some ought to kill those guys who make up these rumours..
  6. beatlesdb

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    I don't think that Microsoft would release and Up-date like SE based on the .NET client, the common language runtime (CLR), Internet Explorer 7.0 and DirectX 9.0 as these should all be avaliable for download and don't require a full install.

    I'm sure that they will release NT 5.2 but I don't think that XP SE is it - it's pure quess work.
  7. MiseryQ

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    I've been messing with XP since this time last year... Many, Many leaks... Before Xp went gold it was already thought that Lornhorn was going to be "XPse"...

    Now Blackcomb is something totaly different...
  8. MdSalih

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    well it wont be Windows XP SE... it will be codenamed somethign else for sure and also have a new GUI... as they have managed to release so many in betas and stuff...

    basically more then likely to be a new OS... nothing to do with XP... my own opinion :p

  9. WAM

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    I think it will be something like windows RG :)

    In all seriousness I very much doubt that a second edition of XP will other people have said its more likely to be a new operating system.....
  10. Electronic Punk

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    Windows RG looks awesome :p

    I reckon WindowsXP will be rereleased and integrated with any updates that have been rereleased, perhaps even the service pack.