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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dennisz, Jun 23, 2002.

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    i want to buy all my new pc's with win xp but i have the following problem:
    i have a network with 250 win 98 pc's and a win2000 domain with citrix. now everyone can logon to the domain with the win98 pc and stil have fulcontroll of the win98 pc.
    But with win xppro when i let the person log on to the domain he inhertits the group policies , is there a way to avoid that ?? (the group policys are there because they al use the domain with terminal sesions.)
    so wat i want is that i don't have to make local users but that the domain users wil get local administrator rights but not on the domain servers

    greetings Dennisz
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    This works for me:

    Create and log in as a normal user, to the Local Machine and not the domain. Then when they need to access domain resources, open My Network Places, browse the workgroup, and double click the domain controller. It will prompt you for a username and pass, enter your domain information to access domain resources

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    Simply add them to domain admins group, or if you don't want them having admin rights to the domain resources, add the group
    "yourdomain\domain users" to the local administrator group on the machines. They will then have administrator rights on the local machine. Werd?

    Sharpton Out