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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by gameschild, Mar 8, 2003.

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    I disabled the ADMIN and forgot to add a new one in Windows XP, however no there is no admin i cant do a thing!!

    Good side is i have a Windows 2000 Server CD and if i use the Recovery Console then it doesnt ask for the ADMIN password and i have access to any file on the system.

    Is there a file i can delete or edit that will re-anable the Administrator or let another user have Admin. privilages?

    Sam T
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    Must admit I don't understand the question. As far as I know you need administrative privileges to disable or delete user accounts and you can not delete the account you are logged in. So there must always be an administrator account left. How and what exactly did you disable?
    At least when you boot in safe mode there must be an administrator (The Administrator) account.
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    Did you try the admin account from when you installed windows? Usually that account is hidden from windows altogether.
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    OMFG... are you serious. How dumb do you think we are. Yoyo is correct and as far as I can tell you are trying to reset some account and break into some systems. Be gone with you, you n00b...

    Another n00b stopped in his tracks. Credit to yoyo noted and appreciated.
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