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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by palmtree, Apr 25, 2002.

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    I am using WinXP Pro. Just called MS for a new Installation ID. The call was made after a reformat and trying to installing OS on the same machine with same HD conguration for the 2nd time. According to MS, every time when reformatting hard disk, one has to call them for a new Installation ID.

    I am planning on Ghosting my hard disk right now. I am very concerned with if I still will be asked to Activate the OS and have to call MS for the ID after restore the Ghost imgae files. Or I will not bothered by the Installation ID any longer, as long as I restore from the Ghost files without using the original OS CD to install XP?

    Any ideas and/or advices?

    Thank you.


  2. voy1d

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    you shouldn't need to, as long as you ghost the hdd straight after the install. that will set everything correctly.
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    Ghosting will work,,, Usless you make any changes,,, Then it locks you out... i.e. It won't ley you ghost to a new machine or to a new HD...
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    In the future when you format you do not have to call to reactivate. Follow the directions below - please note this will only work on the original system, you can not transfer the file to a new system and beat the registration process:

    To Reactivate Without Calling Microsoft:

    Copy wpa.dbl after you've activated the first time. It is located in the system32 folder. Now if you reinstall Windows XP just copy the file back and you won't need to reactivate.

    BTW, a Ghost image is a precise copy of your drive, including the activation information so no, you will not have any problems.
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    If you are reinsatlling on same computer with same hardware you do not need to call and get a new number. It will reactivate when you go online. Now if you were to use the same software say on another computer then you will need to get another license from a microsoft approved reseller in order to activate. The calling for a new number after a reformat is a common misconception. All this info I just gave is on the microsoft web page. I had to do a complete reformat for someone and the manufacter did not want to give a new number and I was sweating it till I found this information :>)
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    I'm no pro, but I can recall about 3 days ago, reformatting my whole HD, clean installing my copy of Windows XP Pro onto the same machine it was installed on before and I didn't have to call at all, it just went as smooth as it did when I first installed it.

    Are you installing it on a different machine?
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    When I first installed XP I did several reformats and never had to reactivate either, but I know of lots of people who have - it's fairly common, but it doesn't seem to happen to everyone.