WinXP and floppy activation :|

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by seba79, May 3, 2002.

  1. seba79

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    Few months ago I've installed WinXP. For last week I've noticed (but probably it last longer) that while my sytem is starting ecxactlly always after 100 seconds the floppy drive activates (its clicking and led diode flashing). I've checked the registry, also I've shut down all not typical (hp printer drivers, getright, icq etc.) tasks. So I need a help. If you only know how to find out what is going on, or how to deal with it, or how to check the reason of this activations, I will be very grateful.
  2. westy1

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    How long does it go on for ?

    Or is it just the drivers loading up.
  3. seba79

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    I've notice that few days ago, and I didn't install any new drivers
  4. Qumahlin

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    Goto your bios and see if you have something along the lines of auto look for floppy disk upon boot or such and try disabling it..I'm aware it worked for some people so results vary.
  5. seba79

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    I try, but it sitll clicking :(
  6. jams

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    do you have a antivirus program running ?
    if so it may be that you can turn it off in the programs settings My system does the same thing as yours I am running norton antivirus 2002 I turn off the auto scan floppy and it did not do it any more but I turned it back on so that it will scan the floppys when someone puts one in and at boot up I look at it this way I would rether be safe then sorry :)

  7. Static 99

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    Just a shot in the dark.

    Did you tweak your services?
    Because i had the same annoying problem a while ago after disabling the "Shell Hardware Detection" service. Switching it back to automatic solved it.
  8. seba79

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    I have not any antivirus software
  9. seba79

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  10. seba79

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    Do You know how to find the reason ?
  11. dijital

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    post your system specs, maybe the hardware is too slow for the resource hungry xp
  12. seba79

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    epox 8kha+ kt266a, athlon 1500xp, 512mb ddr, gf2mx400
  13. dijital

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    do you have any unneeded stuff loading at startup? check the startup folder.

    sometimes look at your network settings, i've heard of people having problems and solving them through tweaking in that area.

    also you can ctrl-alt-delete into the task manager and see what processes are running. sometimes depending on the software you may have installed like morpheus, audiogalaxy or other programs downloaded from the net comes with bloatware or spyware that hogs system resources.
  14. seba79

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    I cheked with Ad-aware and nothing, when i turned off all starting stuff is still activating :(
    But what in networg settings can be reason for activating floppy ?