WinTV PVR problems (ATTN *Akash*)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bloodrayne, Dec 7, 2001.

  1. bloodrayne

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    I just bought a WinTV PVR card and installed it in my system (Pentium III 1000Mhz 512MB RAM ATI Radeon card) but I can't get it working correctly with Windows XP.
    I followed Hauppauge's XP installation guide step-by-step. The drivers / applications I downloaded and installed are:
    - w2kdrv311.exe
    - pvrpcidrv15_19300.exe
    - wintv2k331.exe

    Basically there're two problems:
    - When I rebooted the system after the installation I got an error saying that my card doesn't support DirectDraw, but this doesn't seem to affect the card functions (besides that, as far as I know ATI Radeon XP drivers do support DirectDraw)
    - When I capture an MPEG-2 movie, the risulting video is not smooth, the picture keeps "freezing" for about a second every 10 - 15 seconds. This problem seems to get worse as the mpeg-2 bitrate increases: at 4mbit/sec there're only a few frames "freezed" every 10 - 15 seconds of video, while at 12mb/sec the number of freezed frames is much higher.
    I want to point out that this problem is not related to my hard drive transfer rate since I used to have another capture card with which I was able to capture at bitrates as high as 32mbit/sec without losing a frame. Moreover, if I run the WinTV PVR under Windows Millennium (installed on the same system) I don't get these "freezed" frames.
    What can I do to fix this problem and why is the DirectDraw support not detected? Are there any compatibility issue with ATI Radeon based cards ? Anybody experiencing these problems with a WinTV PVR card and XP?
    Thanks for your Help!
  2. Akash

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    I'm using ATI 32mb AGP Rage Fury Pro and its fine.

    Is the software the latest from Haughpaugae's website?
    And are the drviers the new ATI ones that are XP compatible?

    If not, you might want to try using the old haugpauge drivers and software
  3. bloodrayne

    bloodrayne Guest

    Yes to both questions.. I downloaded and installed the new XP drivers both for ATI and the WinTV PVR card. Now the "DirectDraw not supported" message is gone but there're still glitches in the captured movie :-/