WinTV Nova-t PCI and Sygate Firewall

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mcdruid, Dec 11, 2002.

  1. mcdruid

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    Hi all,

    I've got the UK version of the Hauppauge WinTV Nova-t PCI card, which is basically a free-to-air digital TV card.

    It works okay, although the software for it is really temperamental & it works in a strange way - showing up as a Network Adapter in Device Manager, and using the UDP protocol to feed the TV stream into the PC as if it was a network card.

    The problem I'm having with it is that I cannot get it to work with Sygate Personal Firewall installed (under Win2K).

    I've tried setting Sygate so that it 'Allows all' over the TV card as a network interface, and giving full permissions to the WinTV DVB software.

    However, although the Sygate logs seems to say that it's not blocking anything at all, I can't get the TV app to work. It loads up okay, and is getting some data through, because it shows the little text details of what's on now & next etc.. but there's no picture and no sound.

    It even refuses to work with Sygate switched off - the only way I can get it going properly is to totally uninstall Sygate.

    I've e-mailed the UK technical support for Hauppauge, but I'm not holding my breath - I think they'll regard it as an issue with Sygate rather than with their product, as it works okay with SPF uninstalled.

    So, my questions are these:

    1. Has anyone else had this problem & found a solution?

    2. Can anyone recommend a different (free) firewall which I might be able to configure to leave the WinTV network interface totally alone, whilst still protecting my network card - which is how I connect to my cable modem. (See below for built-in XP firewall.)

    3. Does anyone know of a bit of (3rd party) software I can use to capture from the card? Because of the unusual way it works, VirtualDub won't work, and I doubt iuVCR etc.. will either.

    Thanks in advance for any help!



    PS. If it helps, the rest of the specs on my PC are:

    Win 2K Pro / Win XP dual boot (2K main OS - the XP firewall works fine with the TV card as I can enable it only on my LAN card)
    Athlon XP 1700+
    Lex Ultra BN780 (VIA KT133A chipset) m/board
    512mb PC133 SDRAM
    60gb WD Caviar / 80gb IBM DeskStar
    GeForce2 200MX 64mb w/TV-out
    Toshiba DVD / LiteOn CD-RW
    AverTV98 (analogue capture)
    Hauppauge WinTV Nova-t PCI (digital capture)
    USB SiPix WebCam / USB Artec 2000 Ultima scanner
    SB PCI128 / 56k Modem / Ethernet card to 600k Cable Modem
  2. Glaanieboy

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    The Netherlands
    I haven't had experience with SPF and a TV-card, but I had problems in the past with SPF alone. I had problems when programs where using the UDP protocol, so if any UDP using program (Realplayer, Windows Media Player) SPF was blocking the stream, no matter what I did. When I went to the website to find a solution, I found a new version, which solved the problem. Not sure what version it was (am using Norton firewall now), but you might wanna check their website for any program updates.

    You second question, try ZoneAlarm, I hear a lot of good stories about the program, including network-administrators.

    For your third question, click this link for a Google search. That's the best I can think of.

    Hope this helps!
  3. mcdruid

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    Thanks for the advice Glaanieboy - I'll have a look into Zone Alarm, although I've heard mixed things about it :confused: (see very long thread in the security forum on firewalls).

    I'm running without a firewall at moment as I'm in the middle of a re-install, but I'll have to set one up before I get back on WinMX for days at time!

    thanks again mate,

  4. mcdruid

    mcdruid Guest

    just in case anyone else is having the same problem with the WinTV Nova-t PCI and a firewall - I got a reply from Hauppauge UK, and they recommended using Zone Alarm too.

    I've installed it, and if you put the WinTV card in the 'Trusted' zone, it seems to work fine while the firewall is running.

    Thanks Glaanieboy & Hauppauge!


  5. Glaanieboy

    Glaanieboy Moderator

    The Netherlands
    Glad to hear things worked out.