WinDVD Vs Total Media Theatre

Discussion in 'Windows Applications' started by Bman, Apr 5, 2010.

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    Back in the day of DVDs, and a little when Blu-rays came out I used PowerDVD for awhile. Never enjoyed it, but was really the only option (at the time). So it's never an option for me now. I just hate it.

    I have been using WinDVD since the 2009 version. 2010 makes it look much nicer, and some nice feature upgrades, but its still a bulky annoying application just like PowerDVD.

    I just heard about Arcsoft's Total Media Theatre 3 software, which too me looks like it would be the same as Win and Power. Has anyone used this software? Between TMT3 and WINDVD, which one runs better, has better features, does things better?

    Which do you recommend? I don't suppose MCPHC will support this anytime soon? Or any other free small solution? lol