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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sportster80, Jul 17, 2002.

  1. sportster80

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    I have installed the service pack 1073 and cannot get rid of the desktop version off my desktop. I have tried to uncheck "show desktop version" in tweak ui and the registry tweak from the XP betas that were out before it went public but no go. Does anyone know how I can get this off of here besides doing a clean install?
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    Several people have asked this question, I haven't seen a answer yet, but hopefully someone else has.

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    thanks anyway Iceman
  4. sportster80

    sportster80 Guest

    is there anyone that knows how to do this?
  5. zman

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    Download the .zip

    Unzip it , there is a batch file in there, put rm.bat in say c:\

    then open a command prompt and type c:\rm.bat press enter

    SP1 Watermark = Removed
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    thanks man
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    is there an official list of features and benefits and improvements for service pack?
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    iceman, how do u do that msn online/offline thing?

    nevermind! i got it!
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