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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Brando457, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. Brando457

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    When i boot my machine and have a few programs running such as mirc, IE, winamp, and aim in order for me to switch between programs i must minimize the program i am currently using or click my desktop icon and minimize to desktop again. any ideas on fixing this problem

    Thanks in advance
  2. bkrepfle

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    XP problems...

    This is a legit copy of XP? If so, do you have any antivirus software installed, and if so, are your definitions up to date and have you performed a system scan lately?
  3. Brando457

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    yes to all of those questions
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    Lo brando mate ;) hope the site is still going good :happy:

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  5. yoyo

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    Do I understand your question right that clicking the taskbar buttons doesn't work when the windows are on the screen? Did you check whether any of the affected programs has a "always on top" setting? Does alt+tab work?
  6. Brando457

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    naw mein like if i click on winamp it ll come up and then if i try to click on internet explorer it doesnt come up unless i do the quick launch minimize desktop button and then click internet explorer
  7. Brando457

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    this problem sux :huh: :( :confused:
  8. gonaads

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    Well from what I see in your System's Specs, this is a XP Corp version... Sooooooo it's not legit. :eek:

    Maybe it could be the OS??? :confused:

    Why don't you get a legit copy, reformat and install fresh. Then it will probably work correctly. :cool:

    You said it is legit... ??? It's a Corporate Edition. Hmmmmmm??? You own a company???

    Something you tweaked? If this problem just started, do a restore to a point before it (the problem) started. Then see if it works again or if the problem is still there.