Windows XP service pack 2???

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by athlon_xp2100, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. will there be a service pack 2 to correct all the errors that windows xp service pack 1 coused?

    if so, please can anyone tell me when it's going to be released? Cos SP1 has messed up all my system and slowed it down.

    is there anyway that i can remove SP1 from my system with out formatting?

    thanks, Athlon_XP2100
  2. RogerPhillis

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    If you access "unhide" on folders option in "My computer", you should see the Nt folder in C;\ Windows, which has an uninstall option inside.( see blue exe. file)
    This will remove SPI if it does show up in " Add Remove"
    Unless of course you deleted it before. !
  3. RogerPhillis

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    Sorry , should have said that there are no new apparent plans to issue another service pack yet.
    I agree SP1 does slow down the system for many users,thats why I removed it !
  4. Eve

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    if you selected the option to index files while installing SP1 it should show up in add/remove programs, or so it said when I installed it.
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    Any severe issue will probbaly be corrected by an SP2 Hotfix (the indivitual fixes from Windows Update). If they're widespread issues, MS will probably release an indivitual fix on Windows Update. Check it often.

  6. melon

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    SP1 works well on a fresh install, and that's about it. I reformatted and reinstalled my system drive as a result, and, with the fresh install, I'm running SP1 with no problems.

  7. NetRyder

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    Yes, there will be an SP2 but probably not anytime soon.

    But since SP1 wasn't meant to CAUSE problems, I don't think SP2 will fix problems that were, as you say, caused by SP1.
    SP2 will fix issues that were not addressed by SP1.
  8. TechSupport

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    SP1 causes no system problems when installed directly after installing Windows (or if its slipstreamed into the installation) ime
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    Not sure your question about removal was answered to your satisfaction or not - this is from Micro$of 's SP1 FAQ's:

    Q. What is the procedure for removing Windows XP SP1?

    A. This service pack contains a removal feature for restoring a computer to its previous state. When you run the Update.exe program to install the service pack, a subfolder named $ntservicepackuninstall$ is created in your %windir% folder. You can remove the service pack by using Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel or by running the uninstall program from the command prompt.

    Important: Service packs that have been installed using the integrated installation method cannot be removed. In addition, as with earlier service packs, if any programs or services have been installed that require or have fixes contained in the service pack, removing the service pack can adversely affect those programs
  10. 2z

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    not quite

    A repair install with the original XP CD will set the OS back to its original state.