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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jfactor01, May 29, 2003.

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    Hey can anyone tell me which of these running processes can be closed, because i'm finding that XP takes up too much ram. Its really starting to annoy me now. Has anyone got a list of closeable Services aswell, that will be equally useful.

    Running Processes:

    zapro.exe [ZoneAlarm, ignore]
    vsmon.exe [ZoneAlarm, ignore]
    explorer.exe [Obviously can't close]
    StyleXPService.exe [StyleXP, ignore]
    System Idle Process

    I much prefered older versions of Windows, because you could close all of them down except systray and explorer.
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    get rid of style xp and get the patch; it doesnt take recourses and spoolsv is for a printer. so take it off if u dont have a printer. Navapsvc.exe u can also take that off
  3. yoyo

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    You can close Zone Alarm, Norton Antivirus, Style XP and task manager but none of the other processes. They are all essential system processes. You can disable some services (type services.msc in the run dialogue) to reduce the amount of memory taken by svchost.exe.
    Be sure to get some reliable information first and don't disable more than one or two services at a time.

    Btw tiny processces list you've got there.
  4. zyfos

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    Some services you can kill:

    * Computer Browser
    * Server - kill these 2 if you are not on a network or don't want to share files over a network
    * IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service - this is Windows' built in CD burning stuff. Kill it if you only use Nero or non-Roxio software.
    * Messenger - allows your computer to send and receive net messages (different from Windows Messenger IM program). Kill it if you never use it.
    * Portable Media Serial Number - kill this if you never hook up any kind of portable multimedia device (portable MP3 player etc) to your computer
    * Print Spooler - kill this if you don't have a printer connected to your computer
    * Remote Registry - kill this if you need to mess with your registry from another computer.
    * Telnet - kill this if you never use it

    I'm sure I probably missed a few, but that should get you started.
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    Thanks i'll see what I can do from here

    [EDIT] Has anyone got a link to that patch, and how to use it?
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    A bit of a different suggestion... if that's all that is running and it is killing your RAM, then you probably have a more significant problem. Either not enough RAM to begin with, or something else is eating up the memory that is not showing up in the task manager. What is your available physical memory with only these processes running? (Check the Performance tab)
  8. jfactor01

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    Well I don't know much about the RAM other than its 512DDR. Can't remember the price either, i'll look for a reciept.

    523760 Total Physical is available. On system idle, after stopping some services and processes, mainly the ones above I have 360500ish free now. It used to be alot worse.

    [EDIT]BTW, muzicool, in your sig. Are those taken from the Radiohead album - Ok Computer? It's just that they look kinda familiar and i've got that ablum lying around somewhere.

    Also, my CPU usage with nothing running, can be around 2-4%, when i'm sure my old T-Bird 1Ghz idled at 0% usage. I've done virus checks and Ad-Aware scans etc.
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    Sorry to be a pain but you can keep all your processes for file sharing, fancy desktops and icons, printer spooling and such lark by just buying some more ram! Its cheap enough for another 512mb stick these days, you wont have to kill off tasks then. Also, I dont think you should be having to cancel tasks with 512mb, try using some xp optimisation tools to give your system a kick up the backside. or are 2 good places to start.
  10. yoyo

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    Do you have any problems? Must say everything looks perfectly fine to me.
    If there is ram XP will use it. If there is a request from an application for ram, XP will free up ram as needed.
    Unless there are really any lags or slowdowns don't worry about it.
  11. muzikool

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    jfactor01, I agree with yoyo in that everything looks to be fine. I wouldn't worry about it unless you are noticing a major decline in performance.

    My sig is made from images from OK Computer, and if that album is lying around then you'd better pick it up and listen to it! ;)
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    OK well thanks anyway guys. I still can't find a working uxtheme.dll patcher, they seem to say, 'Cannot run on build [number]. I'll go check which number it was.
  13. Geffy

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    I ended up having to apply the uxtheme.dll patch using the Recovery Console