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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dreamworks, May 16, 2004.

  1. dreamworks

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    Recently I purchased an Epson C43 UX printer for my PC. I followed the directions of the installation and blah blah blah .. everything is ok.

    And so I plugged in the USB cable and test print the printer. Looks fine to me, and no problem at all.

    However, after that I notice that my PC is lagging. Everything that I do the computer is slower compared to before installing the printer. The part that is easily noticable is when I play games, for example, need for speed. Before it is not lagging but now there are jerks and stuffs like that.

    I tried uninstalling the printer and re-installing but still it is the same. Any remedy for situation please?

    Thank you.
  2. Lee

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    Did it change when you uninstalled printer software, drivers etc..?

    If so I have a backup epson printer and I did get a M$ update from their site after installing it.

    Maybe float off over to windows update site and check. If not try windows update catalog, check through the devices and search at update site. Good luck!
  3. dreamworks

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    Nope .. it remained the same even after I deleted the printer.

    Will do a check on windows update site ..
  4. Xie

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    I would perhaps check the Asus site for newer USB drivers for your board. Also could be your USB controller is sharing resources (IRQ) with your graphics card?
  5. Admiral Michael

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    is it all the time or just when you're printing?
  6. Mainframeguy

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    I agree with these ideas - there should be something you can do to disable USB to eliminate it as a cause of problems (just I do not know what it might be :rolleyes: )

    One other idea - check your print spool file is allocated and OK (I like to keep mine on a separate disc from Windoze personally ;) )