Windows XP mouse weird plz help

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Counter-strike, Oct 26, 2002.

  1. Hello i installed XP and i play cs and me and many other people have problems with the mouse when we installed XP.

    Example: in windows 2000 ( or any other windows ) if I move my mouse slowly across the mouse pad from 1 side to the other IN CS ( counter-strike ) it'll move in a 360 circle once but in XP it'll hardly move an inch, how do I fix this?

    As far as i know it doesnt do that for CS only

    Thank you
  2. Zodiaq

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    The only thing I could suggest is going into the control panel>mouse and adjust the settings. Or download Tweak UI XP, it has a few mouse options.

    I thinks it's pretty obvious, if your having problems with All Windows OS's. Buy a new mouse.
  3. mbunny

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    bring down the console

    type in sensitivity <number>

    gradually increase until required results
  4. Stircrazy

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    there is some compat issues with VID cards and xp and CS that do this i had that prob too the sierra tech support site had a fix for mine but i run a 8mb tnt2 on direct3dmode(direct3d bein where the part that sierra told me how to fix)

    is basicly the same prob you should look there also and what i did is in the reply to the brob just seen that while searching.
    if some1 answers dif there may help you since its the same problem ;)