Windows XP Hotfix (SP1)?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ReC0iL, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. ReC0iL

    ReC0iL Guest

    I keep seeing more and more of these in my "Add or Remove Programs" They are taking up quite a bit of my hard drive space, space that I need. Everytime I try to remove them they say "Doing this might make some programs not work." What are these damn things!!?? Is there anyway I could remove them without messing anything up?

  2. TechSupport

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    it wouldnt be at all wise to delete those hotfixes as they are what updates your computer via windows update to fix any bugs/problems in Windows XP

    its expected they take a lot of space - Windows XP takes up loads of space (wish MS made an XP Lite lol)
  3. ReC0iL

    ReC0iL Guest

    Well thats kinda dumb... I guess they just presume we have 120 GB Hard Drive's and we have plenty of room for those big Thanks anyway TechSupport