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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by resentment, May 5, 2002.

  1. resentment

    resentment Guest

    I have windows XP home Upgrade edition, and I was just wondering, well...lemme give you my scenario. I originally had windows 98 installed on my system so I upgraded to XP, which i have now. I'm wanting to completely format or boot my computer, whatever the term u want to use, but doing this i JUST want my xp home edition on my harddrive, instead of back up files of the original 98 system. Now if I were to pop in that xp home upgrade disk, and restart my computer (so it comes up before my operating system does), could I format my computer and install windows xp home so it would be a fresh OS and a clean HD?
  2. k22

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    i dont think those cds are capable of a full install. You might be able to download XP off the net and then use your valid key but I'm guessing that an upgrade key won't work on a full edition.
  3. resentment

    resentment Guest

    Yeah, my friends all have xp pro. from the net, with cd keys that like 8,000 people probably have (i dont know), but i think the cd keys are like pew faces, cause I think they only work by which version of xp you have (home, home upgrade, profession) etc.
  4. k22

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    your best bet may be to do a format with the 98 cd to the original image, remove all the programs that you don't want and then uprgrade to XP home. The 98 files should be replaced during the XP upgrade.
  5. resentment

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    Hhmmmm, that's what I've normally done, but what would get some huge weight of my shoulders is asking this question! ---> When I go into disk clean up it shows that i have files from my old operating system in there (says windows 98 installation files), now if i were to delete these files that it shows in there, would I be able to use that 98 boot disk that came with my computer, if i wanted to ever format my computer and reinstall 98? (the disk formats and installs the 98 operating system)
  6. k22

    k22 Guest

    if you have a factory cd-rom that has the original 98 image that came with your PC, then yes you can delete the 98 files and you would still be able to format to the 98 image by booting from the cd-rom and restoring the image. You would lose all your files like any other format though.
  7. resentment

    resentment Guest

    What do you mean by the original 98 image?
  8. SessedOut

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    First off, you can use the Windows 98 Bootdisk no matter what. All it does it send the boot to disk...hahah hence the name bootdisk I guess. So, yes, you can use the 98 Boot Disk to format later if you needed to.

    Second, if you do an upgrade from 98 to XP, you CAN delete the old 98 files and system off using Add/Remove in Control Panel. I personally despise upgrading OS'es and always do a clean install, but I have successfully upgraded a friend's computer from ME to XP and didn't have any problems. (we ended up clean installing anyway because of some other irrelevant event.)

    I would say get a copy of your friends' XP and use that. But then again, there are paranoid people who just HAVE to have a CD Key of their own. In that case, help Mr. Billy out with a couple hundred bucks and get the Full.

    Good luck man.
  9. SessedOut

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    I agree with K22. If you bought the XP Upgrade, the best solution then would be to just install 98 then immediately upgrade to XP and delete out the 98 files and system. Since you probably bought the XP (as opposed to getting it some other way) then there's no sense in leaving it on the shelf and taking my suggestion (using your friend's XP). By upgrading to XP from 98 immediately, you essentially have a new install of XP.

    Take care.
  10. resentment

    resentment Guest

    thanks alot for the help you two, now I can go delete those stupid files!
  11. Qumahlin

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    You can also use the xp upgrade disk as a full version

    When you boot from the disk it will ask you to insert a win98 disk to prove you have owned a previous version of windows and then it will install :)
  12. Old_Snowy

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    On the microsoft site you can get the WinXp Boot up disc file which is about 6Meg which makes 6 floppy boot up discs so if your computer is not bootable from your cdrom of which it should be you should be download this and use them to bootup like you do with win98 and put in the xp disc and it will ask to see your win98 disc but that is the only time it will be needed and then you can do a clean install ...BUT remember to remove your modem from the computer cause it puts on its own default drivers for the modem and wont work..put it back in after and load the xp drivers ....that is if there is any out for it yet..
    Hope this helps.:)
  13. resentment

    resentment Guest

    Ok, so what you guys are saying is if I were to want to do a clean install of it, all i gotta do is put in xp disk and restart,and when i wanna do a clean install of it (which means it formats and installs OS) it will ask for my windows 98 cd? The only 98 cd I have is the boot cd or whatever it is called that came with my computer, it formats my computer and installs 98, that would qualify me for a clean install of full version xp home upgrade?
  14. freightgod

    freightgod Confused and Bewildered

    NO, that won't cut'll have to have a Microsoft CD of 95, 98, 98se or ME.

    Borrow one for the few seconds it'll take...
  15. Swi

    Swi gningnegneur

    I agree with Qumahlin, it was the same pattern for winME upgrade version, you can make a clean install and when asked, insert your win98 CD to prove that you have it