Windows XP Home recovery console password

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by omega2, Feb 10, 2003.

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    I guess this would go here, anyways on to my question.

    Does anyone know what is the password for the Windows XP Home edition password for the recovery console? I don't even have a password of the sort, and it's not letting me in. Even if i do have the password, and type it in correctly, it says it's wrong.
  2. try just pushing enter to enter a blank password (this is what it's set to if no password is specified for administrator)
  3. omega2

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    Thanks. It worked.
  4. zyfos

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    I tried a blank password on XP Home recovery console along with everything else I could think of. Nothing ever worked. I ended up reformatting it and putting XP Pro on. Now that I think of it tho, having a blank admin password on XP Home is kinda scary.
  5. scsa20

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    the password for the recovery console should be the same as the password for the main admin's password (the main admin account doesn't show up on the welcome screen for secety perpose) but I guess I'm kind of late saying that.